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Investing in Turkey is the best profitable idea that is easy to implement with Maximus invest. You get a guaranteed income in the Turkish real estate market for simple and clear reasons.

One of the main factors is stability in the development of the Turkish economy. According to the plan of the leading party by 2023 TURKEY SHOULD BE ABLE TOIT IS ONE OF THE TOP TEN COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD. And these are not empty words because over the past 14 years, Turkey has increased its GDP by 3 times.

Good location of the country on the world map, high level of development of international tourism, constant development of cities, attractive investment policy of the state, low taxation, low prices and high level of profitability.... These reasons indicate an attractive investment climate in the country.

Maximus invest company, taking into account the investment demand in the market, offers investors only profitable projects in the following areas:

  • Production of goods
  • Construction: residential and non-residential real estate (residential complexes, villas, shops, factories, etc.);
  • Agriculture: crop production, animal husbandry;
  • Purchase and management (hotel, apartment, land).

PROJECT 1 «acquisition of real estate as a way to preserve and increase capital»

Taking into account the above-mentioned advantages that ensure the stability of the investment atmosphere in Turkey, when purchasing real estate in Turkey, you are guaranteed to keep your invested capital. Taking into account the practice of recent years (the cost of property in Istanbul over the past 5 years has increased by more than 20%, and in Alanya – by 18%), property owners only increase their capital.

PROJECT 2 "renting out real estate"

It is common practice in Turkey to lease purchased residential or non-residential real estate with an income of 5 to 20 %.

First, experienced specialists of the company will conduct a consultation. Then, based on the analysis of the property market, economic situation, risk calculation and personal preference will help you choose and buy a suitable property that will.

Income from renting out real estate by an individual is taxed from 15% if the sum of such income exceeds 6400 Turkish Lira (for more information about taxation, see a separate article).

PROJECT 3 "Construction"

Construction in Turkey has become popular among investors and very profitable, because at a time when other countries raise tax rates and adopt new laws that complicate the construction process, the Republic of Turkey is developing a positive investment climate. When you invest in construction, you get an average of 50% profit.

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